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ATTENTION Homeowners: According to the LA Times, experts in energy markets project electricity prices could jump an additional 47% over the next 15 years!*

Smart homeowners have already taken advantage of home solar power to help reduce or eliminate their electricity bill.

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Buying VS Leasing Home Solar Power

Solar lease vs. buying solar:  When you buy solar, you'll own the responsibility of keeping your system up and running. When you choose to lease solar, the company that owns the system is responsible for any repairs and maintenance. A lot of companies also offers a performance guarantee, so that if your panels don't produce according to your agreement, the solar company will usually send you a check.

Buying Home Solar Panels


  • You own your system.
  • Low or no monthly bill.
  • High costs of buying the system. $15K - $25K.
  • $0 upfronts.
  • The solar company owns and maintains your system.
  • Low fixed energy rates for up to 25 years.


I went with home solar to help keep the utility costs low of my home business.

Jane, California

As a family of 4 with a baby on the way, we decided to go solar to take control of our rising costs.

The Smith Family, Arizona

We are newly retired and our financial advisor presented home solar power as an option to help with living on a fixed income.

Mike & Cristina, New Jersey

About Us

Our mission is to organize homeowners to adopt solar as their everyday source of electricity. Unfortunately many homeowners don’t realize how affordable solar is. Not long ago solar was thought of a luxury good that only the rich could afford but now even middle class families can go solar and actually save money when you compare it to traditional electricity bills. So, we’re here to spread the word that not only is solar a great choice for the environment but it’s also a great choice for your wallet!

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What exactly is home solar panel leasing?

Solar leasing is a special type of solar financing. Solar leasing and solar power purchase agreements have become the most popular way for homeowners to go solar over the last few years. As many as 3 out of 4 homeowners are choosing leases and PPAs over purchasing a system. See if your home qualifies and learn more at no obligation. Click the green button now.

4 Easy Steps To QualifyCLICK HERE NOW

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